• Our replacement samsung ssb-p30ls laptop battery is made with high quality parts and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the original battery manufacturer specification at a reduced price. All the laptop batteries are tested for 100% quality control assurance.
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Samsung SSB-P30LS Battery

  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Samsung SSB-P30LS Battery

High Quality Samsung SSB-P30LS Battery . Select suitable Brand new Samsung SSB-P30LS battery here, saving your money and time.

Product Details:

Your Price: $ 53.16
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  • Capacity: 5200 mAh
  • Voltage: 14.80 V
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 270.00 x 48.20 x 20.30 mm
  • Weight: 400.1 g
  • Cell Type:Li-ion

Samsung SSB-P30LS Charger

  • Samsung SSB-P30LS AC Adapter/Charger
  • Product Brand: Samsung SSB-P30LS AC Adapter
  • Availability : In Stock Now
  • Color: Black
  • Your Price: $ 36.19
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Laptop Battery Using Tips

  • 1.Do not throw the Samsung SSB-P30LS battery pack into the fire, as this could cause the explosion of the laptop battery.
  • 2.Do not setting your battery pack in the high humidity, high temperature, strong vibrative and dusty place.
  • 3.Do not dispose of battery used with other solid waste because they contain toxic substances.
  • 4.Do not heat the Samsung SSB-P30LS battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electronic substance.
  • 5.Do not disassemble laptop battery, as this could cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.
  • 6.Do not left the battery unused for a long time or place battery in device for a long period of time if device is not being used.
  • 7.Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight or shock the Samsung SSB-P30LS battery pack by dropping or throwing it.
  • Samsung SSB-P30LS Battery
  • This is a brand new Samsung SSB-P30LS battery to replace your current aging battery.
  • Get your full battery back up time back. We offer replacement batteries for you at a bargain price.
  • This Samsung SSB-P30LS battery is rigorously tested and safety to exceed original equipment manufacturer specifications.
  • There is no battery "memory effect" with this rechargeable battery.
Samsung SSB-P30LS Battery